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I am a technology avid and have a passion for saving lives. When I realized I can combine two as a transportation engineer, I found my niche, working on transportation technology to save lives. My research focuses on the safety, sustainability, health, and equity implications of Next-Generation Transportation Systems' technologies from the planner and policymaker perspective (summarized here). I conduct interdisciplinary research with the overarching goal of having a safe and sustainable transportation system that can promote public health and social equity. I integrate tools from transportation engineering, environmental engineering, statistics and data science, social science, and public health to tackle my research questions. My research, and the developed methodologies in my research, can be directly used for ITS technologies impacts assessment to (1) improve technologies, (2) impose supporting regulation and policies to govern the negative impacts and reinforce the positive implications, and (3) promote public awareness of the technology implications for further discussion, research, interventions, and deployment.



I receive my PhD in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering), working under the guidance of Dr. Dominique Lord, and hold a master degree in Transportation Engineering from the Amirkabir University of Technology (Click on Education and Academic Genealogy for more information). My professional experience includes working as postdoctoral researcher at the UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies, and prior to that, Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI). I also worked as a professional engineer in transportation engineering consulting firms for 5 years.


Beyond who I am as a professional engineer and graduate student, there are other aspects of my life that are important to me. I have a passion for art and athletics, and I am obsessed with exploring university campuses


Soheil Sohrabi Research Area

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Amir Kabir University of Technology (Tehran Politechnic), Tehran, Iran

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering and Planning)

Advisor: Dr. Ray Khosrow Ovaici


Hamedan University, Hamedan, Iran

Bachelor in Civil Engineering 


Texas A&M University

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering)

Advisor: Dr. Dominique Lord


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TUC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies (Postdoctoral Researcher)             

  • Safety of transportation systems

Supervisor: Dr. Julia Griswold & Dr. Offer Grembek


Texas A&M Transportation Institute (Postdoctoral Researcher)             

  • Safety and Health Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Supervisor: Dr. Bahar Dadashova & Dr. Haneen Khreis


Texas A&M Transportation Institute & Safe-D UTC (Graduate Research Assistant)             

  • Safety and Health Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Supervisor: Dr. Bahar Dadashova & Dr. Haneen Khreis



Texas A&M Transportation Institute & CARTEEH UTC (Graduate Research Assistant)             

  • The burden of Disease of Transportation Exposure in Urban Area

Supervisor: Dr. Haneen Khreis & Dr. Josias Zietsman



Texas A&M Transportation Institute (Graduate Research Assistant)             


  • Developing Pavement Safety-Based Guidelines for Improving Horizontal Curve Safety

Supervisor: Dr. Bryan Wilson



Old Dominion University (Graduate Research Assistant)             

  • “Would You Consider a "Green" Vehicle? Anticipating Electric Vehicle Adoption Patterns and Emissions Impacts in Virginia with a Spatial Latent Choice Model”, Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability UTC, 2017-2018.

Supervisor: Dr. Rajesh Paleti and Dr. Donna Chen

  • “Real-Time System State Prediction & Optimal Rebalancing Strategies for Public Bike Sharing Systems”, Mid-Atlantic Transportation Sustainability UTC, 2017.

Supervisor: Dr. Rajesh Paleti and Dr. Mecit Cetin



Metra Consulting Engineers (Transportation Engineer)             

  • The traffic and transportation master plan of Bushehr, 2015-2017.

  • Safety study of Tehran region 2 highways, 2014.

  • Optimizing of signal timing of consecutive intersections in Tehran, 2014.

  • Impact study of blocking intersections and replacing by U-turn as a low-cost solution, 2013.



ImenRah Consulting Engineers (Traffic Engineer)             

  • Imam Khomeini International Airport access road design, 2013.

  • Feasibility study and design of Damqan-Moaalemman rout, 2011.

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It is proven that performing art has several positive impacts on the brain including encouraging creative thinking and empowering memory. I am personally interested in painting where I found it more relaxing and fun.

Participating in sports is a great way to showcase your teamwork, leadership skills and that you place an emphasis on athletics and physical fitness. I expose myself to many athletics activities such as swimming, hiking, playing soccer and tennis.

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I love visiting universities and exploring the campus. I have a collection of my favorite campus spots:

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My Academic Genealogy

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